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Stack, Roll & Jingle

This 2-in-1 toddler activity toy builds gross motor skills AND early logical thinking.

 The five large textured shape rings can be stacked on the pole in any order without frustration. The translucent topper has a jingle ball for multi-sensory play. Attach the clear topper on top and shake the stack for jingle sound. The base is rounded so you can also spin for a jingle. The topper stays secured to the pole, so your little one can even roll the stack on its side. Experiment with different shape rings on top, observing how it impacts the rolling direction.

For more advanced stacking play, you can unscrew the pole from the base and challenge your child to stack the shapes without the pole. And when playtime is finished, reattach the topper to secure the stack inside the toy box.

12 Months & up