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Billie Elias

Independent Educational Consultant

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Earn FREE toys...just for having fun!

Become a Discovery Toys Hostess and let the party begin!

It's a party that friends and family will enjoy while your Discovery Toys Educational Consultant takes you on a journey of Discovery through our Layers of Learning toys, books, music and games.

A Discovery Toys party offers this - and more for the Hostess, including financial opportunities and great educational toys - for FREE! For more than 30 years, the Discovery Toys hostess party format has worked well for everyone. It's the best way for parents and others to learn about our toys - through hands-on sharing and learning through play. It's a party. It's a workshop. It's a store.

It's easy: just invite friends and family to come over for an hour of fun with our amazing toys, books, music and games. Then sit back and earn free toys based on the sales at your demo. Ask me how you can get started! Discover for yourself!

You can also earn FREE products for your school, church or other organization with a fun Toy Fair! Fundraising for CA$H also available!

Click a link below to check out what DT is offering our hostesses this month!
USA Hostess Plan
Canada Hostess Plan