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Super Yummy

Super Yummy is both BPA and Phthalate Free. Its soft pliable plastic is gentle on baby's gums.

Our five teethers-in-one encourage sensory exploration while soothing and comforting your teething tot. Tiny fingers love turning the teether so the mouth can explore all five uniquely textured heads, keeping baby engaged longer. A familiar light vanilla (food grade) scent stimulates sense of smell.Recommended by pediatricians for oral stimulation, teething relief and encouraging feeding. Attaches to Boomerings®, available separately. 4" / 10 cm. long.

from birth - toddler




Every child needs multiple teethers! They drop on the floor, get misplaced and are needed in multiple locations like the home, the car, day care, grandma's house, the list goes on and on.  Order the Super Yummy Bundle of 3 (item #1020B) and save 5% off the single Super Yummy price and you'll always be ready with the necessary backup!

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