Peg Diehl
Independent Educational Consultant
(717) 843-7653
Peg Diehl


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I LOVE Discovery Toys!  
I joined in November of 1983 - my children were 5 and 2.   After going to a toy party, and loving everything I saw, I decided to join and get the toys for my children - and be able to order with a discount.   Good decision!
There are some reasons why I stayed with this company for 30 years:
  • the Toys just keep getting better and better
  • toys are guaranteed for a life-time - to me, that means they are worth every penny!   I have saved my favorites over the years, and now my grandchildren are enjoying them - as well as the new toys!
  • Travel!   I love to travel and see new parts of our country as well as the world.   I've earned many incentive trips - several trips to Mexico, Hawaii, Caribbean cruise, Montreal, Bahamas, Dominican   Republic, London & Switzerland; and our National   Convention has taken me across the country to many states.  
  • Income - this has been a great way to supplement our family income!
  • F U N !   Playing with toys & games is so much fun - and sharing them with others is the best!
I love sponsoring people into this company!   I want our toys in the hands of as many children as possible.   By sponsoring others, I can reach more children and families with Discovery Toys.
Discovery Toys' has come a long way since I joined 30 years ago.  
Our website for consultants offers trainings -   videos as well as recorded phone calls.
Our team is part of a great Facebook page.
Discovery Toys even has a program just for new consultants - you can earn $ while you are earning FREE toys of your choice to add to your kit, & get the price of your kit back, in a kit rebate!   Amazing!
If you are interested in ordering, go to my shopping cart.   If you have questions, you're welcome to e-mail me at or give me a call:   717-843-7653             cell: 717-332-0297
Want to host a party?   Let's get our calendars together, so you can get FREE toys and 1/2-price toys!
Join me!   I'd love to have you as part of my team.   Simply click on Join and register to get your kit of amazing toys - they're delivered within 10 days!  
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!



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