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Monarch Butterfly
from 3y – primary school
from 9m – toddler
Percussion Jam
from 3y – primary school

Letter Pix
from 5 years & Up

Hydro Launch
from 5 years & Up
Sky Spin
from 6y & up
Sector 18
FAMILY - 7y & up

Caterpillar Shape Sorter
Story Stacker
from 12 - preschool
Caterpillar Shape Sorter
from 2y – preschool
Shake N' Slide
from 6m - toddler

Block It!
from 2 – 5y
Roller Safari
from 6m – toddler
It's a Match!
from 3y – kindergarten

Playful Patterns - Heirloom
from 4y to primary school
Busy Farm
from 3y – primary school
Busy Bugs
from 3y – primary school

Go Go Caterpillar
from 9m to toddler
from birth to preschool
Zip Track
from 5y to primary school

from 6 months+
Tricky Fingers
FAMILY - 7 years and up
Motor Works
from 4 years and up

Measure Up!® Shovel
from 2 years - primary school
Marbleworks® Deluxe Set
from 5 years and up
Castle Marbleworks®
from 2 years - kindergarten

Measure Up!® Pots and Spoons
from 2 years - primary school

Rockin' Roller
from birth - toddler

Super Yummy
from birth - toddler
Speed Wiz
FAMILY 8y & up
Monkey See, Monkey Do
from birth - preschool

Rainfall Rattle
from 9m - toddler
AB Seas
from 4 years - primary school
Flip Flop Faces - English
Flip Flop Faces - French
from 4y & up

Giant Pegboard®
from 19m - primary school
Hammer Away!
from 19m - preschool
Measure Up!® Cups
from 12m - primary school

from 2 years+
Place & Trace
from 2y - primary school
from 12m - preschool

from 6m - toddler
Wiz Kidz
FAMILY  7y & up
Working Trio
from 2y - kindergarten

Mosaic Mysteries
from 8y & up
Chiming Charlie
from birth - toddler
Color Wheels
from 12m - preschool

Small Parts Cylinder
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