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Color Cob Slide Puzzle

Use the empty slot to slide the color tiles up and down and rotate the rows horizontally to change the design. Match the 2 suggested color patterns in the instructions or create your own. Includes 3 different sizes increasing in difficulty. Set of 3.

How it works:

The basic shape of the Corn Cob Slide Puzzle is cylindrical. The cylinder is divided into several ring-shape sections which can rotate independently. Each ring section includes colored tiles, with one slot empty on the cylinder. The tiles can be moved by sliding tiles vertically in and out of the empty slot and by rotating the rings horizontally in either direction.

Small 1.6" x 1.4" / 4.1 x 3.6cm. Medium 2" x 1.4" / 5.2 x 3.6cm. Large 2.5" x 1.4" / 6.3 x 3.6cm.

8 years – Adult


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