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Pick A Fruit Game

Wood Tongs Game

Roll the dice and grab the matching fruit ball with your pair of tongs in this all-wood fine-motor action game.  Dice indicate size (Small or Large) and color (4 colors) of fruit ball to attempt to pick up from the middle and place on your corner.  Board includes 2 different sides to play. 
Be the first to fill your tree on one side or the first to fill your edible treat on the other side.  If you roll the bird, you need to return a fruit ball to the middle.

  1-4 players.   Includes 2-sided game board, 4 pairs of tongs, 16 large fruit balls, 16 small fruit balls, color die, size die, instructions.
Board 8.5" x 8.5"/21.59 x21.59cm 

from 3 years+