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A Unique Scavenger Hunt for All Ages & Abilities! 


These fun descriptors will challenge minds and bodies to find objects outdoors or inside that fit the description. Just pick a card and the race is on! A fun illustration of the description appears on one side of the card, with the matching written description in 3 languages on the other side.

Younger players do not need the ability to read or understand the word(s) on a card; as long as they can attach meaning to the illustration on the card, they can play along. Many of the descriptors leave room for interpretation, which is when a player's ability to justify their finds will come in handy.  Special challenge cards are included to spice up the hunt. As if finding something "bumpy" or something "wavy" is not challenging enough.

 Instructions include 2 additional flash-card type activities. Can be played by individuals or in teams. Includes
84 Description Cards in 2 challenge levels, 11 Challenge Cards, instructions.

from 5 years +