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Marbleworks Booster Pack

Add cool spiraling action to your Marbleworks raceway.

“Built to Last” DT quality. Made of High Impact Polystyrene, which is durable, impact resistant, and produces a nice glossy look. Compatible with previous Marbleworks products.

Marbleworks Marble Run products inspire girls AND boys to pursue higher education in the fields of engineering, math and technology. As the marbles speed through the course, children learn about physics, the laws of gravity, object permanence, and cause and effect.

Paddlewheel Ramp
Triple Coil Ramp
Funnel Ramp
Base Feet (3)
Standard Posts (25)
Marbles (10)
Activity Guide

from 5 years+


Note: This accessory  is not a stand-alone – must be used with MarbleWorks Grand Prix (#3382) or previous versions of Marbleworks sets.