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Super Fun Road Trip Activities for Kids

By Vicki Whiting
Illustrated by Jeff Schinkel

Perfect for the next road trip adventure and family vacation, this jam-packed activity book has everything kids need to have as much fun getting there as they will when they arrive!

 Filled with brain teasers, puzzles, mazes, word games, secret codes, journal prompts, seek-and-finds, and so much more, every exciting activity is organized by theme based on the final destination. Whether the family is heading towards the beach, campsite, water park, or national park, there’s a dedicated activity section for every kind of vacation. So buckle your seatbelt, grab a pen, and enjoy the ride!

 Softcover activity book, 78 pgs. 5.25 x 8.25 in (13.3 x 21 cm).

Games and activities include:


· License Plate Literacy
· Camp Confusion
· Wild Water Slides
· Balloon Pop
· Monkey See, Monkey Do
· Surfboard Scramble
· Color the Cows
· Lookalike Lanterns

from 5 Years+