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Create, Drill & Build

Create unlimited artistic designs with this progressive kit of shape pieces, pegs, screws, and picture cards.

  3 different tools offer a variety of building techniques and build different fine motor skills: 1) battery-powered drill with 2 different bits, 2) manual screwdriver, and 3) manual wrench.  The compartmentalized storage box keeps everything organized and doubles as a work surface.

  4 different ways to play to grow with each child:

  1. Add matching colored pegs to the included picture cards.
  2.  Create designs with the pegs without the cards.
  3.  Screw shapes to the board for 2D designs.
  4.  Use bracket pieces to build up for 3D designs. 
 Replicate the 36 designs in the included guide or design your own. The sky is the limit!

 Includes 60 pegs (6 colors), 80 screws (4 colors), 35 nuts, 8 brackets, 16 squares (4 colors), 16 circles, (4 colors), 16 triangles (4 colors), 16 rectangles (4 colors), 6 picture cards, power drill, 2 bits, manual screwdriver, wrench, storage box bottom & top, guide. Requires 2 “AA” batteries, not included.

from 3 years+

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