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Our Solar System

By Arthur John L’Hommedieu

Packed with information, this very innovative format takes readers of all ages on a fascinating interactive tour of the planets in our solar system.

 Open the book to start with the large star at the center of our system. Then pull the pages towards, like a tunnel through space. You are now ready to visit the planets, in order of their distance from the sun.

 Open to the right, then to the left, following the unusual page sequence. Also included on your journey are the asteroid belt and the far-off dwarf planets.

 The large die cut interior provides a 3-D view of the entire solar system as you make your way along. Learning about our home system has never been as fun!

 Novelty book, 14 die cut pages. 9.6 x 10.6in (24.4 x 26.9cm).

5 Years-Teen