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The Once Upon A Time Map Book

By Barbara G. Hennessey
Illustrated by Peter Joyce

Imagine that fairy tales are real and can be explored in detail with the help of maps.

 Imagine navigating the mysteries of Aladdin's kingdom, the dangers of the Giant's kingdom at the top of Jack's beanstalk, and the whimsy of Alice's Wonderland. Imagine a trip through the unique geographical features of Peter Pan's Neverland, Dorothy's Land of Oz, and Snow White's Enchanted Forest.

You'll have expert guides and clear, simple directions. On each map, a compass, quadrants with letters and numbers, and a key with local routes will help you find your way. This beautiful and unique book features six fold-out maps.

 Soft cover activity book, 16 pgs, 9.7” x 9.7” / 24.6 x 24.6cm.

from 6 years+