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Linkt Metal Petals Craft Jewelry Kit

Metal Petals makes 3 necklaces & 6 pairs of earrings. Level 1. 

The first ever line of chainmaille kits designed for kids. Make professional artisan quality metal jewelry with simple and fun instructions. Based on the historic art of chainmaille, re-invented as fashion art by Rebeca Mojica, renowned chainmailled artisan. Each kit has everything you need to complete multiple projects in a single box. You can mix and match he metal and silicone rings in a variety of color combinations so every single piece is different.

Chainmaille has been around for more than a thousand years, most famously used in mesh shirts of armor worn by medieval knights. The artform has seen a recent resurgence in popularity, with artisans across the world creating a huge variety of designs by linking tiny metal circles called “jump rings.”

Chainmaille crafts have traditionally been targeted to adults as chainmaille is often considered difficult to do. It requires manual dexterity to use pliers, finger strength to work with metal and logic/math skills to understand the patterns. Linkt™ Craft Kits have eliminated these barriers, making it easy for anyone 8 and up to create beautiful designs. The metal in the kits is soft enough to be manipulated by hand. Patent-pending layout tools are provided to hold previously closed rings in place while the user adds new rings. Each kit includes full-color paper instructions in 3 languages, and free YouTube videos are available for each project.

The kits are leveled in terms of challenge with assembly. Level 1 (easiest) - Level 4 (most difficult)

8 years – Adult