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Play Pack - 24 - 36 Months - Young Problem Solvers

To help parents provide the best learning environment for their child’s first three years, Discovery Toys has bundled together some of our top toys into age appropriate Play Packs. 

Healthy development in the first three years of a child’s life provides the foundation for educational achievement, lifelong health and productivity. In fact 85% of brain growth occurs in the first 3 years of life. Providing the right educational play at the right age will help fulfill your child’s potential. Each Discovery Toys Play Pack comes with toys perfect for a stage of development and comes with an informative card that shows when and how to introduce our toys. Each pack comes with suggested play ideas to stretch your child’s skills and maximize their potential.

24-36 Months

In this Play Pack we have included our best toys for 24-36 months along with a 2-page Development Guide which can help you know what skills your baby is likely to develop at this age. The guide also provides you with suggested ideas for play for each of these products to support these skills. We hope you enjoy our products and wish you many playful experiences with your growing child!

Products included in this Play Pack:

  • Giant Pegboard® learning set
  • My First Touch & Trace First ABC board book
  • Measure Up!® Pots & Spoons learning set
  • Memory Moves wood game

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