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Sounds Like Phonics™ - Letter Fun Lotto

The playful way to explore alphabet letters and sounds! The Sounds Like Phonics™ Letter Fun Lotto game employs unique “Hidden Letter” picture cues to help young players identify and sound out the letters of the alphabet. As players match the letter tiles with the objects on the boards, they strengthen emerging reading and spelling skills.

Both the tiles and the boards are two-sided for different skill levels and game possibilities. 4 lotto boards, 36 lotto tiles, 50 round markers, instruction guide.

About the creator of the game:

Barbara Milne, the creator of the Sounds Like Phonics™ product collection, has a background in children’s music, early childhood education and psychology from The University of Southern California. She also has years of experience as an elementary teacher and Parent Education Preschool instructor. Each of her products is based on extensive research she has done in the classroom and home environment. The Sounds Like Phonics™ product collection is exclusively developed for and distributed by Discovery Toys.

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