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Screen Time Buster 3 - 4 Years


3-4 Years

Children are spending far too much time each day in front of a screen, from small handheld devices to large high-def televisions. With many, if not most, children starting the next school year learning remotely, their screen time will increase dramatically. Discovery Toys kid-powered learning-through-play products deliver a hands-on alternative to help fill a child’s free time with fun + enrichment. Play with Discovery Toys engages the mind and body for a more productive and long-lasting learning experience.

This bundle includes 3 best sellers offering multiple types of play for hours of hands-on fun, challenge, and creativity.


3 years+

98% pure sand. Easily molded and shaped, with no stickiness and no water required. Never dries out, so you can mold and sculpt over & over. With the magical feel of real sand, Tactile Sand provides a wonderful sensory experience. Easy to clean, it’s suitable for indoor play. Comes with a roller, 3 sculpting tools, and handy mini storage bucket. 800g of moldable sand.


3 years+

With multiple ways to connect, these 12 chunky wood figures can be stacked upright, upside down or even sideways. Can even be balanced on the included parallel bars. Chunky design provides for early success by younger stackers. Numbered 1-12 on one side for sequential stacking or simple number fun. Activity guide includes multiple ways to play.


4 years+

Sharpen your balancing skills, coordination and perseverance tilting the tray and trying to fill the open holes with the 6 colored balls. Swap out the 10 different illustrated challenge cards, with varying levels of difficulty to keep it fun. Quite a bit more challenging than it seems, even for adults.