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Screen Time Buster 8 Years & Up


8 Years+

Children are spending far too much time each day in front of a screen, from small handheld devices to large high-def televisions. With many, if not most, children starting the next school year learning remotely, their screen time will increase dramatically. Discovery Toys kid-powered learning-through-play products deliver a hands-on alternative to help fill a child’s free time with fun + enrichment. Play with Discovery Toys engages the mind and body for a more productive and long-lasting learning experience.

This bundle includes 3 best sellers offering multiple types of play for hours of hands-on fun, challenge, and creativity.


7 years-Adult

A fast-flying, finger-flicking challenge for one or more. Engage in pattern recognition, puzzle resolution and hand-eye dexterity. Shake up the case, pick a card and race a friend or the clock. Flip the 14 cards over and create your own patterns. 2 puzzle boxes included.


8 years-Adult

Recreate 50 stunning mosaic patterns of progressive difficulty or design your own from among thousands of possibilities. Many designs are in black & white, allowing you to choose the color combinations. More advanced designs provide part of the mosaic pattern, challenging you to complete the rest. Tray, 100 pattern tiles in 4 colors, manual.

COLOR COB Slide Puzzle

8 years-Adult

Use the empty slot to slide the color tiles up and down and rotate the rows horizontally to change the design. Match the 2 suggested color patterns in the instructions or create your own. Includes 3 different sizes increasing in difficulty.