About Discovery Toys: Our Story

Discovery Toys is the premier learning toy company dedicated to helping early childhood development through Play. A trusted brand for over 45 years, we specialize in premium quality, kid-powered learning products for children ranging from newborns to school-aged children. The company began when an early childhood educator, Lane Nemeth, first brought together a group of dedicated teachers, mothers, and parents to take on the critical topic of education for children through play. After selling to groups of eager parents in the home, Discovery Toys was born. Generations later, we continue this tradition with the highest quality Learning through Play products in the market.

Child opening delivery box from Discovery Toys

Our Mission

Discovery Toys helps kids learn and grow through play by offering the most outstanding developmental toys, books and games available. We offer a flexible, meaningful and rewarding income opportunity that allows individuals to make a true difference in the lives of children.

Layers of Learning

DT Toys combines multiple levels of learning in every toy with safety and quality standards beyond the national standards. As many of our customers and Play Advisors can testify, a Discovery Toys product is not a typical educational toy that you can find at your local toy shop.

Each Discovery Toys product incorporates multiple “Layers of Learning” to: Engage a child’s multiple senses and all three learning styles and Empower the child to grow and advance with the product.


Autism & Special Needs

Many of our products have useful applications and play experiences for children with autism and special needs. Some of our greatest advocates are occupational therapists and special needs teachers and caregivers.

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