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6 Social Skills Games

This set of six educational games & activities is creatively-designed to teach important social skills.  Each game or activity features fun illustrations and some have self-correcting elements.  Children will improve their social and relationship skills without even realizing it. 

  Children can learn how to deal with relatable scenarios, differentiate between right & wrong, express emotions, and recognize how others may be feeling.  Topics include the importance of being a good friend, the importance of helping others, identifying emotions, determining right from wrong, and empathy. 

  Set includes 2 game boards, 2 matching games, 24 puzzle pieces, 6 pairs of glasses, 6 counters, die, game guide.  1-6 players.

The 6 games/activities:

· Rotten Apples
· Lemon Aid
· Missing Emotions
· Fair/Right or Unfair/Wrong
· Social Scenario Puzzles
· Empathy Glasses

6 Years+