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Lenore Wossidlo

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Smart Scoops Math Activity Set

What if math problems were as sweet as ice cream sundaes?

  Shaped like a real carton of ice cream, this set encourages kids to dish up bright, multi-colored scoops of pretend ice cream into equally colorful sundae bowls. This pretend play works side-by-side with the set's 23 double-sided activity cards, which come packed with lessons and examples that parents can use to reinforce concepts ranging from sorting and color to counting and number skills. Kids can stack up the scoops by color, dish them into the corresponding colored bowl, or work on simple addition while building fun sundaes.

The cards come with leveled activities, so this set grows with your child. Unlike real ice cream, the Smart Scoops Math Activity Set* is also easy to clean and store when activity time ends.  Enough pieces for more than 1 player. 

  Includes 4 color bowls, 4 cones, 20 scoops (5 of each color), 23 double-sided activity cards, ice cream scooper, spinner, container with lid, and activity guide.                

Container 5.5” x 4.1” x 3.25” / 14 x 10.4 x 8.2cm

3 years+