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Leslie Bagley

Independent Director

(801) 254-6742

Explore It! Night Vision Light



Equipped with a red LED to provide projected red light to see by, while allowing your eyes to remain adjusted to the dark. Due to the way our eyes work, we require at least half an hour of exposure to a darkened environment in order to completely adapt to see. We call this adaptation “night vision”. Exposure to any bright light, even for a brief moment, can instantly disrupt this sensitivity.

By adapting to the dark and using a red light, we can see well enough to walk among objects including pets and people without disturbing them. The red light also gives you much more peripheral vision in the outdoors. When using a white light, your eyes can only see what’s being illuminated directly by the light. You can use the red light to illuminate a path in front of you, while also being able to see everything else around you.

Requires 3 AAA batteries, not incl. 8.6” / 21.9cm long.

from 5 years+