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Offers a unique, innovative cloth-folding game experience that is simple to learn, but difficult to master.

Your goal is to cook recipes the fastest, based on the order cards. When the order card is revealed, everyone starts cooking at the same time. Each player takes their individual recipe cloth and folds in it such a way that it only shows the items displayed on the card. When you complete an order, quickly grab a fold-it token. When there are no more fold-it tokens remaining, the round is over.

If you made the wrong order or did not grab a fold-it token because you were the last to finish, you have to discard one of your three Star tokens. Once a player loses all three of their Star tokens, they’re out of the game. Be the last player left with Star tokens and – you win!

Great family game. Includes 4 recipe cloths, 42 basic & advanced challenge cards, 3 fold-it tokens, 12 star tokens, instructions. 2-4 players.

from 8 Years – Adult