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By Petra Bartikova  

Illustrated by Magdelena Takacova

Have you ever seen a bee buzzing about and wondered what its life in and outside of a beehive is like? Now, you can!

This charming picture board book teaches children what it would be like to be a bee living in a beehive by starting with the outside of the hive and working their way further in with each turn of the page. Providing a secret look inside of a hive, this board book also features dozens of adorable illustrations, vocabulary words, educational captions, cut-out accents, and hidden chambers to be revealed.

 Learn all about these busy bees and all of their important roles in nature, from how they collect pollen to how they produce honey.

 Die cut board book, 14 pgs. 9 x 9 in (22.9 x 22.9 cm).

STEAM (Science)

3 Years+