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Hydro Launch

Have a blast and cool off too! With this unique water splasher you control the water pressure to raise and balance the rocket on a stream of water. Simply attach the easy-to-use thrust controller to a garden hose, turn on the water and start the countdown to fun.

 Challenge yourself to see how high you can balance the rocket on top of the water spray; how quickly you can raise and lower the rocket; how long you can bounce the rocket up and down on the water without it toppling off the water stream. And when you’ve balanced the rocket just where you want it, water sprays from the rocket nose cone to wet those brave enough to run under the rocket. The thrust controller is far enough away from the rocket to keep the person operating the controller dry.

 Includes rocket, thrust controller & base launcher with hose, 4 thrust controller pins, 5 rocket fins, 2 stickers, instruction sheet.

Colors may vary. 

from 5 years & Up

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  BEST water toy E V E R!!,
Leslie Bagley  ()
  It's a Blast!,
Eileen Orth  ()
  Hydro launch,
Sara Weers  ()
  This toy is AWESOME!,
Paul Schoeller  ()