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Welcome To The World 0 - 6 Months Infant Play Pack

The first 6 months of your newborn’s life is full of excitement, exploration and evolution! Everyday they’re learning and growing! In this Play Pack, we have included our best learning-through-play toys for newborns along with a 2-page Development Guide which includes the best times to introduce each toy and suggested ideas for play. We hope you enjoy our products and wish you many playful experiences with your new baby!

Products included in this Play Pack:

  • Hello Animals board book

Say hello to the animals of the world in this perfect first baby book. 12-page board book with lino-cut artwork and high contrast designs to stimulate baby’s developing eyesight.

  • Super Yummy sensory teether

Unique super chewy teether with 6 different teething surfaces and light vanilla scent. Designed for baby’s natural hand-to-mouth movements with an easy-grasp handle and “can’t miss” teething knobs on all sides. Fosters sensory exploration while soothing your teething baby.

  • Twisty Clicks rattle activity toy

Grasp both handles and twist in either direction with clicking sound. Develops small motor dexterity and bilateral coordination by encouraging baby to use both hands to move, turn, bend, shake, and twist.

  • Rainbow Ribbons activity ball

Plush ball with different textured fabrics and 18 satin tags for abundant tactile stimulation. Shake for bonus rattle sound and turn ball over to develop self-awareness with reflection in a mirror.

  • Boomerings® links

Our trademark flexible and nearly non-destructible links are both an organizational tool & educational toy. Attach to toys for on-the-go fun. And use to develop cognitive and motor skills with activities involving colors, patterns, counting, sequencing and more.

  • Baby Barbells rattle set

Pair of lightweight, easy-to-grip rattles for small motor dexterity and bilateral motor development.

  • Sensory Activity Panels

Only available with the Welcome to the World 0-6 Months Play Pack (not available individually).

8 soft fabric pages with bold primary colors on one side and black & white patterns on the opposite side, designed for baby’s developing visual perception. Each panel features a different sensory element for tactile stimulation. Panels can be separated to explore individually, or attached in a row with the Velcro strips, or attached in a “book” format.

Discovery Toys Play Packs

To help parents provide the best learning environment for their child’s first three years, Discovery Toys has bundled together some of our top toys into age-appropriate Play Packs.

Healthy development in the first three years of a child’s life provides the foundation for educational achievement, lifelong health and productivity. In fact, 85% of brain growth occurs in the first 3 years of life. Providing the right educational play at the right age will help fulfill your child’s potential. Each Discovery Toys Play Pack comes with toys perfect for a stage of development and comes with an informative card that shows when and how to introduce our toys. Each pack comes with suggested play ideas to stretch your child’s skills and maximize their potential.

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