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A Little Spark

By Chris Parsons           

Illustrated by Mike Motz

No matter how small you think you are, you can make a big difference. Even the smallest act of kindness is awesome! A Little Spark is more than a book. We all can be that Spark by helping those who need a hand up, a break, a chance – someday you may need your own Spark. The book teaches us a number of important lessons with respect to how we treat those around us. We must always strive to “Be That Spark”.

In the lands of the far North, a small oasis called Lake Zuron sits perched along the edge of the frozen mountains. It’s populated by a wide variety of animals and is thought to be the only “green land” in existence in the North. Lake Zuron is fueled by Daniel the Dragon, whose fire keeps the cold winds from invading. One day, disaster strikes Zuron as Daniel’s flame goes out. Panic ensues as the citizens of Zuron each try to come up with an answer to their problem.

When all seems lost, an unlikely hero, Spark the mouse, steps up and uses his creativity to re-light the dragon. But it is soon clear that this is only a temporary fix. Spark embarks on a dangerous journey crossing the treacherous, icy mountains and the home of the dreaded Scabes to try to find help. The only hope for Lake Zuron’s survival rests upon Spark and his friend Veen as they brave impossible odds to make it through the grasps of the dreaded Scabes and find help to save their desperate town.

 A Little Spark connects with the reader, both with the written word, but also with music. Throughout the book, readers have the opportunity with QR codes to connect with music that expands on the world of A Little Spark. Perfect for young readers, they’ll be humming the songs and revisiting the world of A Little Spark again and again!

Hard cover, 160 pgs, 8 x 10 inch (20.3 x 25.4 cm). 

7 years+         

Listen to a  sample song: