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Hexacus Deluxe

Hexacus is stacking fun for EVERYONE, and this 25-piece set will provide TWICE the FUN!

An exploration in creativity and fun for the entire family. Just sort by size and color, then stack, nest, and balance to create a wide variety of patterns and shapes. The included Idea Booklet shows over 100 examples of easy to challenging patterns and shapes to build.

Two players can build from the original booklet at the same time or one player can complete one of the 74 additional examples included in this larger set.
Hexacus was invented by world-renowned designer and artist Peer Clahsen. 

1. STACKING: HEXACUS pieces are easy to hold and the unique hexagonal cross section and size progression from large to small allows for a variety of ways to stack the pieces. 

2. NESTING: When a smaller HEXACUS piece, or pieces, can fit inside a larger HEXACUS piece, it's called nesting. Discover all the ways HEXACUS pieces can nest. 

3. PATTERN MAKING: It's fun to place HEXACUS pieces side by side on a flat surface and create colorful patterns. 

This larger 25 piece set includes two identical 12 piece sets plus one large purple hexagon.

from 5 years+ 

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