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Play Pack 30 - 36 Months

Milestones matter!  How your toddler plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves offers important clues about his or her development.  Check the motor skills, social, cognitive, and language milestones your little one has reached by 30-36 months with the aid of this play pack.  In this pack we have included our best toys for 30-36 months along with a 2-page Development Guide which can help you know what skills your child is likely to develop at this age. The guide also provides you with suggested ideas for play for each of these products to support these skills. We hope you enjoy our products and wish you many playful experiences with your toddler!

Products included in this Play Pack:

  • Seed board book

Young readers can follow Pip as it transforms from seed to sprout to tree in this beautifully illustrated 26-page die-cut board book.

  • Tumblin Train press & go toy

Push down on this free-wheeling locomotive to send it motion across any smooth surface and watch it flip completely over & continue moving forward.

  • Puzzle Play Trays multi-activity set

This ideal first set of puzzles is also a versatile learning tool. Textured chunky pieces fit into three differently themed trays to teach shape recognition, categorization and fine motor dexterity. The 12 fun shapes can also be used for sorting and matching activities, stenciling, clay stamping, imaginary play, and even cookie cutting.

  • New Sprouts Campout Playset

Little ones can imagine building a fire, roasting a hot dog and having s’mores. The glow-in-the-dark lantern adds to the adventure, day or night. All pieces store in the handy duffle bag. Includes 2 logs with flame, lantern, fork, hot dog, marshmallow, chocolate bar, 2 graham crackers, and duffle bag.

  • Skills Builders Toddler Skills activity set

41-piece set's hands-on activities help kids learn and retain lessons in counting, color recognition, matching, and early letter skills. Includes 5 diverse counting kids, 5 large plastic numerals, 26 double-sided alphabet tiles, and 5 double-sided number/color cards. Alphabet tiles feature upper & lower case letters on one side and corresponding phonetic object on the other side. Number/color cards feature numeral & matching quantity on one side and color on the other side.

Discovery Toys Play Packs

To help parents provide the best learning environment for their child’s first three years, Discovery Toys has bundled together some of our top toys into age-appropriate Play Packs.

Healthy development in the first three years of a child’s life provides the foundation for educational achievement, lifelong health and productivity. In fact, 85% of brain growth occurs in the first 3 years of life. Providing the right educational play at the right age will help fulfill your child’s potential. Each Discovery Toys Play Pack comes with toys perfect for a stage of development and comes with an informative card that shows when and how to introduce our toys. Each pack comes with suggested play ideas to stretch your child’s skills and maximize their potential.

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