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Starfish Shaker

Rattle Activity Toy

Engage baby’s multiple senses with this fun undersea rattle activity toy, with a variety of kid-powered sounds:

  • Shake for a tambourine-like rattle sound.
  • Press the red fish on front for a squeaker sound.
  • Flip over for a self-reflection in the mirror, building self-awareness.
  • Twirl the tiny snail on the mirror around for a clicking sound.

Baby will also exercise a variety of fine motor skills, strengthening different muscles and fine-tuning coordination:

  • Gripping the loop sections.
  • Shaking the toy.
  • Pressing down on the red fish.
  • Grasping and pushing the tiny snail in a circular motion.
  • Holding the mirror up to eye level.
  • Sliding the shapes.

5.9” / 15cm wide.

3 months+

Note: Remove the protective cover from the mirror before playing.