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Banana Blitz

The game of fast rolling, writing, and banana grabbing!

Go bananas and be the first person to complete a written sequence in each round. Each player has a note pad. Draw a challenge card & roll the die to determine the sequence challenge to be played. The first writer begins scribbling the sequence on their paper as fast as they can. The next player rolls the die until the Banana is rolled. Once the Banana is rolled, the roller yells “Banana!” and grabs the pen.

The roller becomes the writer and starts writing on their paper from the beginning of the sequence. The next player is the new roller and starts rolling the die for the Banana. When the banana pen comes back around, you pick up where you left off in your sequence.

The first person who finishes the sequence on their pad of paper wins the round. The game continues until all 6 rounds have been completed (one from each challenge card). Win the game by winning the most rounds.

 Examples of sequences include 2-100 Evens Only, Z-A Backwards, 10 Different Shapes. You can also create your own Sequence Challenges to add more variety and fun.

 Includes banana pen, monkey die, 6 challenge cards, pad of paper, instructions, storage bag.

5 years - adult

Unconditional product warranty within 30 days