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NumberLine Clock

An innovative, patent-pending design revolutionizes how children can learn to tell time.  Helps children see that a clock is simply a circular number line.  By learning time from a number line, children are presented with a way to understand that time is a continuous unit of measurement, broken down into minutes and hours.   The NumberLine Clock provides a tactile tool to explore time and see how telling time on a clock is just like using a number line. 

Includes a clock frame, snap-on minute and hour hands, and 2 reversible number lines – 1 for hours and 1 for minutes.  Simply bend the number lines into a circle, connect the ends, put them into the clock face, snap on the hands, and you’ve created an analog clock.  Includes illustrated guide in 4 languages with 4 getting started activities.  Clock 4 in (10.2cm) diam.

5 Years+