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Solitaire Chess Brain Fitness

A single player logic puzzle that combines the rules of traditional chess and peg solitaire.

The objective is to move and capture the chess pieces until only one piece remains on the challenge card. It’s OK if you’ve never played chess before. The movement rules are simple and are illustrated in the instruction guide for each of the pieces. For the inexperienced chess players, this is actually a great way to learn a bit about the game.

To start you choose a challenge card and place your chess pieces on the board to match the illustrations shown on the card. Move the pieces, one at a time, according to the traditional chess movements. Each move must result in a captured piece. Leave one piece standing to succeed.

The cards are spiral bound and the chess pieces store neatly inside the box.


80 Challenge Cards (spiral bound)
2 Pawns
2 Rooks
2 Knights
2 Bishops
1 Queen
1 King

FAMILY 8 years & up