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Ribbity Flibbity

The lily pad leaping, fly feasting game!

Leap your way across the lily pad trail to the other side of the pond to get the most flies. Pick up additional tasty flies along the way. The player with the most flies wins.

 Subtle choices in this game build logical reasoning and resilience in a fun and playful way. There is more than one strategy to winning - do you catch more flies with speed or skill? The first frog to the Finish gets more flies, but how many other flies were passed over on the way?

 Catching flies has never been so much fun! Your child will love the rubbery frogs and squishy flies and want to play this engaging and tactile game again and again—and so will you! The game is designed to appeal to kids, but the game play includes elements of "light strategy", making it just as much fun for the parent.

 2-4 players. Includes 8 frogs, 40 flies, game board, 54 lily pad cards, and instructions.

4 Years+