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Paper Peek: Animals

By Chihiro Takeuchi

Peek through the enticing die-cuts on each spread to spot bountiful animal life from across the globe.

 There’s a world of discovery and delight in this wild search-and-find book. In Africa, can you spot one lion, two giraffes, four zebras, and more among the teeming herds? When visiting South America, do you see one sloth, three toucans, and five armadillos? How about two tigers in Asia, three emperor penguins in Antarctica, five wolves in Europe, and other creatures in Oceania, North America, and the wide oceans?

Featuring hundreds of small graphic animal shapes forming dizzying patterns, this colorful, stylish board book promises hours of engagement and a world of discovery and delight on every page.

 Board book, 34 pgs. 7.9 x 7.9 inch (20 x 20 cm).

19 Months+