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Tut's Tablet

Introducing Tut's Tablet Brainteaser Puzzle, a puzzle-maze treasure hunt.

Select a challenge from the puzzle booklet and slide it into Tut's Tablet. Place the Cryptic Cube on the starting square matching the colors of the cube top and sides.  To find the secret path to Tut's Treasure, you must roll the Cryptic Cube from square to square always matching the color on the top of the cube with the color on the square below it. When you reach the square with Tut's coin, and both colors match, you've solved the challenge. 

There are 50 challenges with 4 levels of difficulty, from easy to hard. So what are you waiting for? Can you find Tut's Treasure?

Includes Tut's Tablet, Cryptic Cube, Challenge Book with 50 challenges, instructions and solutions.

FAMILY 8 Years+